Friday, 16 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Yes, it is in fact Christmas, and I always find it odd when people are afraid to call it such. Not a whole lot happening in my garden, but I am thankful to have pansies blooming cheerfully out on my patio.  Inside, I have been taking pictures of my favorite Christmas ornaments, my poinsettia, and our cat Tiger. The cat photos were a joint  project with my daughter, who bought the accessories, and arranged the cat and chair just so. She is a professional photographer (my daughter, not the cat) and will be sharing her pictures of the cat photo-shoot on her website:  Alyssa Schroeder Photography

Poinsettia Jingle Bells
Tiger not exactly liking the hat
 Snow Globe

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Autumn Color

 "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"  by Albert Camus is one of my favorite fall quotes, and so very true in the case of many trees, shrubs, and even perennials. I grabbed my little camera and walked around my yard snapping photos of fall color. I even found a few flowers still blooming, including hydrangea flowers long past their prime but still looking lovely. Had a hard time choosing between photos, so there are many. What is your favorite plant for fall color?
Path to the Back Yard
Burning Bush
Burning Bush Leaves
Geranium Leaves
Balloon Flower Leaves
Hansa Rose Leaves
Spriea Leaves
Mystery Plant, is it fennel?
Persicaria affinis
Houttuynia Leaves are this color year round

Friday, 14 October 2011

Ground Cherries & Tiger's Birthday!

Ever heard of ground cherries before? Me neither, until I spotted the seeds for them in a garden catalog this past spring. The flavor sounded intriguing, a cross between pineapple and citrus flavor, so I ordered some seeds and grew them this past summer. After a long, long wait, and being a little nervous about poisoning myself eating an unripe one, I finally tasted my first ground cherry! Nope, couldn't describe the flavor but not pineapple...or orange. I had to get a second opinion, and my son figured it out: a cross between a pear and a tomato. Ok, so now what to do with them? Recipes are few and far between for ground cherries! First of all I made a pie, it tasted similar to apple. Next  I cooked up a sauce and made a spice cake. Between the two, I preferred the pie, but then again, I love pies.  Not planning on growing them next year, but it's always  fun to try new plants in the garden.  Our cat turned 12 yesterday, so I made cupcakes in her honor.
Ground Cherries in their husks
Ground Cherries
Unripe Ground Cherry...Don't eat!
Ground Cherry Sauce
One Last Gladiola
Our Kitty on her 12th Birthday

Friday, 23 September 2011

Fall Booms

I love sunflowers, for both their cheerful yelllow flowers, and their ability to attract birds to my garden. I planted two types of seeds this year: Autumn Beauty, and the black oil seeds I feed to the birds. I had to replant three times, because of our unseasonably cool spring. The Autumn Beauty was a no show, but the black oil ones grew & grew, once the weather finally warmed up.  Most of them are very tall, and have multiple flowers per plant. Then there was the little one, the smallest sunflower I've ever seen.

Little Sunflower
Black oil Sunflowers

 Here is a late blooming Gladiola called Purple Flora
 Another view of a Cobaea Bloom also called Cathedral Bells
 A Pretty Pink Poppy
Humming Bird Visiting Cerinthe Flowers, which she visits everyday now
Interesting Berries I found at Aldergrove Bowl Park
The rudbeckia, garlic chives, daisies, morning glory, sweet peas, and even a few roses are still blooming.
Rudbeckia, Oregano with daisies in the back

Friday, 2 September 2011

What's Blooming Now/ Flaunt Your Flowers

For the first time I am participating  in Tootsietime's Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt Your Flowers so here are a few photos of what's blooming now in my garden, with a few other pics thrown in.  I have been patiently waiting all summer for the Cathedral Bells to bloom, and it finally put out it's very first bloom on August 31st. This is my first time growing this vine, and it has definitely outgrown the little three pole trellis it is planted by.  Not quite sure what this little chickadee was doing but I quickly took a photo before he flew off.
Cobaea Cathedral Bells
Garlic Chives
Morning Glory


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