Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Crocus are coming!

   The Crocus are taking over the world!  Or  at the very least, my yard.  When we moved into our home 6 years ago, that first Spring a few pretty purple crocus sprung up here and there.  Lovely, I thought to myself, a beautiful beginning to the gardening season.  A few years later, I was finding more and more of them, and noticed they were even growing in the lawn. This year, it seems they've put on a mighty surge, popping up pretty much everywhere,  including many in my back lawn. My husband noticed the crocus in the lawn for the first time  (he's not much of an outdoors sort) and he wasn't too pleased, to put it mildly. So now their secret is out, and I'm not planning on stopping them.  So be prepared, they are heading your way.
Crocus creeping into the compost pile & lawn