Wednesday, 17 July 2013

July Blooms

 We've had lovely weather so far this July, with most of the days being comfortably warm but not too hot. The biggest chore in my summer garden is remembering to water.  So far so good, but watering is one of the few chores I tend to forget. Then of course there is the ever constant need to weed. Good thing I rather like weeding.
      I'm sharing another photo of Anemone De Caen, one of the few flowers that wasn't chomped on by a hungry snail or some other creature. I think I will have to buy some more of these lovely bulbs for next year, and place them in a spot with less likelihood of being eaten. Next is a photo of the buds on my spirea,  and the teeny tiny flowers on my True Elfin Thyme, which is in my miniature garden. Next up is the airy and delicate annual called Nigella, Bachelor Buttons and a Daylily.
Anemone De Caen
True Elfin Thyme
Bachelor Buttons 
Bachelor Button
Bachelor Button

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