Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Campbell Valley Regional Park

Campbell Valley Regional park is located in Langley, BC and one of my favourite parks. I was happy to be able to visit it on a sunny summer evening recently. I took along some seeds to feed the hand-tamed chickadees, but they all seemed to be rather busy, so I took a bunch of photos instead. I'm including a photo from a couple of years ago, just so you can see the chickadee eating out of my hand.
Wildlife Garden
Little River Loop Trail
Large Native Ferns
Mmm, someone left some seeds here
Wildflower Meadow

Annand Rowlatt Farmstead and someone still lives here
Annand Rowlatt Farmstead
There's a trail for horses

Where the chickadees hang out

Photo from 2011

This Song Sparrow found some seeds too
Little River Loop Trail 
The Nature house that I have yet to find open but maybe one day...

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