Saturday, 8 June 2013

Backyard Blooms

June is a busy month in the garden, with the weeds growing as quickly as the flowers, and the birds waking me up much too early in the morning. Here are some photos taken in my backyard in early June, with the exception of the last three photos which were from May. First of all is my Hansa Rose which I just love for its fragrance and disease tolerance. It laughs at black spot in my rainy garden. Next is a lovely pink Clematis that has snuck beneath the fence from my neighbours yard, thank you neighbours! Third is a new flower I'm growing this year, Anemone De Caen or Blue poppy. This is the first bloom and it isn't even quite open yet but I just had to take a picture.

Last of all are the tulips.  I was scratching my head this Spring, wondering why I had bought yellow tulips, which isn't at all like me. Then as the days went by, a transformation happened, and those yellow tulips started to show more and more hints of pretty pink along the edges. Not only that but each bulb produced  more than one flower, always a bonus if you ask me. What are your favourite June blooms in your garden?

Anemone De Caen

Gladiolas and Iris
Allium Unifolium
Columbine or Aquilegia
Daylily's first bloom
Elderberry Sambucus nigra 'Eva'
Fleabane or  Erigeron Pink Jewel

Chickadee parent below and fledgling above

Tulips Antoinette
Tulips Antoinette after the transformation
Narcissus Poeticus Recurvus

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