Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gardening in Miniature

 I knew I wanted to make a miniature garden from the first time I saw all the cute little accessories available.  After months of looking I finally found the perfect pot. Then at the very same store I spotted a fairy garden accessory kit, and it was even on sale! How could I resist?  Now all I had to do was decide whether my garden would kept indoors or out, and maybe most difficult of all, choose the plants. After a bit of research and some suggestions from a staff member at my local nursery, I chose the plants. Then came the fun part, deciding where everything would go. I decided to leave out the fence and the watering can for lack of space, but used everything else. Thanks to Buckerfields and the friendly folks at Cannor Nursery nursery, my mini garden is now complete :)

The Pot
The Kit
The trial run with the Inspector
The Chosen Few

All Done

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