Friday, 23 September 2011

Fall Booms

I love sunflowers, for both their cheerful yelllow flowers, and their ability to attract birds to my garden. I planted two types of seeds this year: Autumn Beauty, and the black oil seeds I feed to the birds. I had to replant three times, because of our unseasonably cool spring. The Autumn Beauty was a no show, but the black oil ones grew & grew, once the weather finally warmed up.  Most of them are very tall, and have multiple flowers per plant. Then there was the little one, the smallest sunflower I've ever seen.

Little Sunflower
Black oil Sunflowers

 Here is a late blooming Gladiola called Purple Flora
 Another view of a Cobaea Bloom also called Cathedral Bells
 A Pretty Pink Poppy
Humming Bird Visiting Cerinthe Flowers, which she visits everyday now
Interesting Berries I found at Aldergrove Bowl Park
The rudbeckia, garlic chives, daisies, morning glory, sweet peas, and even a few roses are still blooming.
Rudbeckia, Oregano with daisies in the back