Friday, 14 October 2011

Ground Cherries & Tiger's Birthday!

Ever heard of ground cherries before? Me neither, until I spotted the seeds for them in a garden catalog this past spring. The flavor sounded intriguing, a cross between pineapple and citrus flavor, so I ordered some seeds and grew them this past summer. After a long, long wait, and being a little nervous about poisoning myself eating an unripe one, I finally tasted my first ground cherry! Nope, couldn't describe the flavor but not pineapple...or orange. I had to get a second opinion, and my son figured it out: a cross between a pear and a tomato. Ok, so now what to do with them? Recipes are few and far between for ground cherries! First of all I made a pie, it tasted similar to apple. Next  I cooked up a sauce and made a spice cake. Between the two, I preferred the pie, but then again, I love pies.  Not planning on growing them next year, but it's always  fun to try new plants in the garden.  Our cat turned 12 yesterday, so I made cupcakes in her honor.
Ground Cherries in their husks
Ground Cherries
Unripe Ground Cherry...Don't eat!
Ground Cherry Sauce
One Last Gladiola
Our Kitty on her 12th Birthday

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  1. Great pictures as always. But I have no interest in ground cherries--they don't sound at all appealing to me.

    Happy birthday to Kitty a young 12 year old. My kitty will be 19 in a couple of weeks.


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