Friday, 30 October 2015

Autumn Garden

Here it is, October is nearly done and I still haven't blogged! So here are a few quick photos from this month. The star of my October garden is my burning bush, and here you can see the leaves, strewn across the pathway. I had no idea this would look so nice when I planted this shrub here. My only regret is that I can never see this bush from inside my house. Next up is a little chrysanthemum plant that I bought for 99 cents, well worth the price I think. Then there is the chrysanthemum from last year. It really did well this year for some unknown reason. Next is a solitary bloom from a Malva. I think it is a seedling from the Malva I bought last fall, which never overwintered. I'm still picking the grape tomatoes that are growing under cover, and I have two peppers left on my pepper plant. I'll definitely be growing these prolific peppers again next year. Our cat Tiger celebrated her 16th birthday a few weeks ago. That is about 80 in human years, and for the most part, she acts 80 too, ha ha.

Pathway strewn with Burning Bush Leaves
Burning Bush
Chrysanthemums overwintered from last year
Malva Braveheart

Red Bull's Horn Peppers

Little tomatoes still producing
Tiger on her 16th Birthday
Dew on the grass

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