Friday, 11 September 2015

September Garden

      We finally had some rain, lots and lots of rain, which was much needed and helped with the forest fire situation in our province. We also had an unusual summer wind storm that knocked our power out for hours. That was probably the most excitement we had all summer, ha ha. We're back to some warm and sunny weather now and the tomatoes and peppers are still going strong, and a few of my flowers are still blooming. I'm covering up my peppers at night with my plastic cold frame, since the nights are noticeably cooler now. I also have a volunteer tomato plant with ripening tomatoes on it! That's a first for me, my volunteer tomato plants usually start too late to ripen.They have a funny shape, so I think they must be a cross between two different types, or a hybrid going back to its roots. I planted some peas, lettuce and corn salad in early August for a fall garden. The peas are growing but the others are just barely starting to sprout now. Here's some photos of what's still blooming in my yard, and my Red Bull's Horn peppers, which I highly recommend for their productivity, and the mystery tomato volunteer. I'm still hoping the peppers will turn red but it's hard to produce a red pepper without a greenhouse in our climate. Last but not least is our cat Chester, napping with one of his toys.
Dahlia 'Crazy Love'
Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Rose Hansa
Black-eyed Susan that crept underneath my fence
Red Bull's Horn Pepper

Staying warm under the cold frame at night
Volunteer tomato
Chester napping 

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