Wednesday, 17 June 2015

June Blooms

Hello fellow gardeners! We've had an unusually dry June, with several temperature records broken. Other than a few poor seedlings that I forgot to water (oops!) and my sad looking peas that aren't enjoying the heat, my garden seems to be happy. I worked on my fairy garden and added the accessories my daughter bought me along with some blue rocks for the creek. I still want to add a little patio but the pebble one will do for now. Here are a few of my favorites this month.  
Daylily 'Strawberry Candy'

Daylily with unknown name

Dianthus just opening up


Nigella or Love in a Mist

Miniature or Fairy Garden  

Fuchsias with Lobelia


Buddleia or Butterfly Bush
Peas while they still looked green 

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