Thursday, 21 May 2015

Welcome May!

Welcome May! This pretty clematis belongs to my neighbour but it blooms on my side of the fence too, lucky for me! In fact I wonder if I have even more blooms on my side than theirs, poor neighbour, ha ha. I bought some peonies a couple of years ago and I was really hoping they would bloom for the first time this Spring but they didn't. Maybe next year. I did however find huge peony blooms in front of my local library so I added a photo. My new geraniums are blooming in my front bed and the bees seem to love them. My Hansa roses started blooming earlier than ever before, with the first bloom opening in late April. My Veggie garden is all planted except for the cucumbers, which I need to buy because my seeds failed to sprout. That happens sometimes when the seeds get old. Happy gardening!
Raindrops on Columbine Leaves

Iris and Hardy Gladiolas
Hardy Geranium

Hardy Geranium with Bee

Therese Bugnet Rose

Huge Peony blooms at my local library 

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