Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Spring! Spring! Spring! After months of gloomy winter weather, I think we are all ready for spring. I was going to wait for a sunny day before taking a photo of the purple crocus, but then decided to take it in the rain and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. The yellow violas in the next photo have been blooming all winter long in a container on my patio :)  The little blue/purple Iris surprised me with their blooms because I had totally forgotten I had planted them. Sometimes it's nice to be forgetful, ha ha. The next photo is one of my indoor plants moved outdoors. It survived the winter leading me to believe it is probably the common plant called Hens and Chicks.  Last of all are a couple of photos of one of my favourite shrubs, the Pink Dawn Viburnum. It starts blooming in November but puts on it's prettiest display in the early Spring. I fear for the life of this shrub because I have recently been notified that there is a manhole at the base of this shrub, a manhole that needs  to be raised. The manhole is covered in several inches of soil, completely hidden from view. So now I am dreading the arrival of the work crew that will invade my backyard. I can just see them stomping on my spring bulbs and ripping out my shrub, but there isn't much one can do but hope for the best. Anyways, happy Spring and may all your seeds sprout!
Crocus on a rainy day
Crocus and Pansy
One of my houseplants moved outdoors
Hazelnut Catkins
Viburnum and a pretty blue sky
A closer look at the sweet smelling blooms


  1. Great to see spring has sprung at your house.

  2. I really like the mystery plant!


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