Thursday, 23 February 2012

The New Arrivals

     Don't you just love getting a package in the mail? My seeds arrived last week and I am so looking forward to planting them! I don't know where I will find room to plant them all, but I will try my best to wedge them in somewhere. I love stocks and other fragrant flowers, in case you can't tell.  If you have never grown evening scented stock, I would encourage you to try them. Plant them close to the house, some place where you will be near in the evening, the fragrance is incredible. What are your favourite fragrant flowers? The fountain grass, coneflowers and cardinal climber are all new to me. I will also be growing swiss chard for the first time ever, and hope my picky family will like it.

I planted some catgrass on super sow Sunday. It is so quick and easy to grow, not to mention my cat likes it.  She started nibbling on the grass as soon as I brought it to her, thus the blurry photo. 
I am also adding a photo of the neat ice sculpture that forms in my birdbath when the water freezes, and the neat little wagon my husband bought me for Christmas this year. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you have for for filling up the wagon, which will be moving outdoors. 

Just some of my New Seed Arrivals
My kitty nibbling cat grass
Pink Dawn Viburnum
 Birdbath Ice Sculpture
Little Green Wagon


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