Wednesday, 13 September 2017

September Veggies and Flowers

    Autumn is nearly here and we have finally had some much needed rain. The days are cooler too, which is much to my liking. My two cucumbers plants did really well this year, and they produced more cucumbers than we could possibly eat. I have shared and shared them with others. I think I might be known as the cucumber lady at the place where I volunteer, ha ha.
     I only grew three tomato plants this year, compared to six last year. They haven't produced as well either and I'm not sure if it was the extra heat or just the variety.                                                                   I'm growing two different types of peppers, and both of them have done well. I don't think I'll grow the little ones again because they are so packed full with seeds that there is little left to eat.
     I grew three different types of onions this year, but my favorite by far is still the basic yellow ones. They store so well that we will still be eating them next spring.
     I liked the purple flowered edible peas I grew this year as far as looks goes, but they were lacking in sweetness. I planted some lettuce for fall but I am going to let the rest of the vegetable garden rest until next year. I hope you've had a bountiful harvest this year!

Veggies from my garden
Cucumbers picked in one day
Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas
Agastache grown from seed

Acidanthera (left) and morning glory (right)


Dahlia Vancouver

Zinnia Profusion Rose

Zinnia Starlight Rose
Dahlia Marble Ball

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