Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Photographer's View of my Garden

     A few weeks ago my daughter came by to visit and she brought along her camera to take some photos of my garden. It's interesting to have someone else take photos of my yard and to see the results because she took some photos that I would never think to take. Plus she's an amazing photographer and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom, ha ha. I'll add the link to her website at the end. I am growing a new variety of peas this year, called Dwarf grey sugar, from West Coast Seeds. They are a heirloom variety with purple flowers. I have been picking them beyond the snow pea stage because my family picky eaters and they won't eat snow peas. They are still good though not quite as sweet as some. I grew the lettuce from seeds I saved last year. I'm almost surprised they grew, since this is the first time I ever tried saving their seed.
    My daughter loves peonies, so she took a lot of photos of my Sarah Bernhardt peonies. I wish I had more varieties of these pretty flowers but my yard is very full. I gave her some to take home and she made them look amazing, as always. She has a gift for photography and for arranging flowers. If you are interested in seeing more of her photos, here is the link to her website: Alyssa's Photography Website

Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Peas
Mixed Onions
Peony Sarah Bernhardt 

Peonies my daughter took home and arranged

Peonies my daughter arranged 
Cosmos Mini Blend 
Elderberry flowers

Fleabane in the front
Veggie garden in the front

Hazelnut leafing out after we had it cut down


Viburnum and Lilac


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