Saturday, 27 May 2017

May in My Garden

         Late may has finally brought some warm sunshine to my yard, and here are a few photos I want to share with you. The first photo is a picture of a burning bush shrub, with it's tiny yellow flowers. We usually only see photos of these plants in the fall with their bright red foilage, but they look pretty now too. Next are some feverfew leaves taken after some rain. This plant seeds itself quite aggressively, so I'm not sure if it is a blessing or a curse. Then there's my bleeding heart, new allium that came in a mix (so I don't know the name) and Sicilian honey garlic. This one really needed to be staked, but it's a new one to me so they are flopping all over. Then my new painted daisy plant, one of the few tulips the deer didn't eat, and spiraea buds and leaves.
    I decided to do a foliage container for my patio, so I bought some ornamental sweet potato vines for it. This is the first time I have grown them so I was very surprised to find this flower on one of the plants a week later. I couldn't resist the pink and white verbena, so I cheated on the all foliage container and added this in to the mix.
     I found a cool new plant in the nursery that I have never seen or heard of before, with giant sized pink blooms, almost like fuchsias on steroids. Have any of you ever grown one?
   Last of all is a photo of our cat Oliver who turned one year old this month. Happy Gardening!
Burning Bush

Feverfew with raindrops

Bleeding Heart Luxuriant


Sicilian Honey Garlic

Painted Daisy

Dream Touch Tulip


Sweet Potato Vine


Oliver one years old

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