Thursday, 28 July 2016

July Garden

     The weather in the first half of July was more spring like than summer but we have finally hit a stretch of summer weather now. Some flowers have completely finished for the season, while others have just started, like my dahlias. I grew dahlias from seed this year, for the first time ever. They were easy to grow but I wish they came in single colour packets. I only grew a few plants since my space was limited, so mine all turned out to be light pink and light yellow.  The two that I gave to my mother were red and yellow. There's also a new dahlia that I bought from the store, and you can see how the colour looks different depending on the weather. Feel free to ask any questions that you have about any of my plants. Happy Gardening!
Dahlia figaro

Dahlia figaro

Dahlia blue Boy

Dahlia Blue Boy


Cosmos with a random stripe

Hibiscus bud


Perennial Sunflower


Yarrow leaves and Thyme

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