Thursday, 12 May 2016

Spring Blooms

    I'm a little late with posting some of my April photos so I'm adding them now, better late than never. I'm also sharing a few pictures of my poor, poor black-lace elderberry. I first noticed some dying branches on it late last summer, but I thought it was related to the drought and my poor watering skills. Then this Spring after the leaves started to grow, I noticed that almost all of them started to wilt. So I started to investigate only to discover holes in the trunk, and holes in the stems probably made by elderberry borers. I was told that if I cut it way back, it would likely re-grow from the roots, so I am really hoping that will happen. On the brighter side, I found a cute little spirea for one of my containers, and I have been working on a brand new border by my back fence. Happy gardening!
Angelique Tulips

Tulips Angelique

Foxtrot Tulip

Tulip Copex


Anemone Blanda

Dicentra Luxurient (bleeding heart)


More Anemones with Ivy and allium greens

Iris and hardy gladiolas

Spiraea japonica 'Walbuma'


Most of the branches looked like this

Poor Elderberry
What it looked like a couple of years ago

Ladybugs on driftwood

A rugosa rose called Hansa

Many rose petals just from one day of deadheading two rugosa rose bushes

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