Friday, 24 August 2012

Herbs & Veggies

We had our usual August heat wave, and while my tomato plants and morning glory loved the hot weather, I am rather glad we are back to warm and sunny.  My cucumbers are finally starting to produce, but I am still awaiting the first ripe tomato. Here are a few photos from my small herb and vegetable garden. I am also sharing a photo of the Steller's Jay that I have named Mr. Braveheart. He or she, is the first bird I have ever been able to train to take food from my hand :)
Garlic Chive Flowers

Tiny Dill Flowers

The Oregano is popular with bees
Swiss Chard that I primarily grew for the colour

Pretty Pink Swiss Chard

Zucchini Flowers
Mr. Braveheart and his peanuts


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  1. Nice photos! I just loved watching it...Hope I can plant more this year.:)


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