Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer At Last!

After weeks of rain and the coolest June in thirty-one years, it looks like summer has finally arrived in Southwest BC, much to everyone's relief. While my peas and lettuce were enjoying the cool weather, my cucumbers were at a virtual standstill, and my zucchini and sunflowers were struggling to sprout.  Our old retaining wall along our driveway gave out during one of our rainy nights, and now looks ugly as you can well imagine. I'm hoping we will have the funds to rebuild it in the fall.  Here are some flowers that have been blooming in spite of all the rain.
Dianthus plumaris
Hydrangea Buds
Virginia Stocks

Unknown blue flowers with ivy and columbine foliage
Elderberry and birdbath


  1. Beautiful flowers! I think summer has arrived. At least it's not over 100 like in the mid west.


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