Friday, 14 January 2011

Willband Creek Park

 I ventured out to Willband Creek Park in Abbotsford a couple of times this Winter.  While some may find this park lacking in trees, I find the mountains & wildlife make up for any lack in trees. I was hoping to capture some more bird photos, but it was cold and the birds were uncooperative.

Many Gulls
View across the Road


  1. Very nice photos. My favourite is the second one.

  2. Beautiful photos. I visit Willband often but the trails are a little under water right now.

  3. being that I am from Alberta, it is not crazy for me to hope to take a little trip one day to visit this park!
    I have very much enjoyed my visit to you today...I will be back!

  4. Thanks for all your comments, and yes, this park is flooded right now :) I plan on visiting again once the parking no longer resembles a pond.

  5. What a splendid landscape...what a great country we live in! Maybe I'll get to visit this park one day...

  6. Beautiful. Nothing quite like a clear winter's day. Tall grass rocks too!

    My blog has moved, stop by for a visit when you get a chance!


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